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Windows, mirrors, doors
A window has qualities similar to those of doors and mirrors. Like a door, the window is an opening, a passage, an escape route. It can be opened or closed, the difference between door and window being that the closed door hides what’s behind it while the window is always transparent, whether it be closed or opened. The mirror is like a window too, an illusive window; it appears to be transparent, which creates an illusion of there being a room on the other side of the reflecting surface. And both windows and mirrors can be regarded as putting the self, or “inner” qualities, on display. Along with the saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul” it also follows that the soul, or the “inner” workings of a person, is something that actually can be viewed. And that it is through windows that we can look at the soul directly. Furthermore, the view through a window is often unhindered and clear, and could therefore be regarded as “true” representations (of, for instance, someone’s soul), whereas the mirror is known to create illusions, and therefore more often is associated with the idea of distortion.

Even though the view through a closed window might be clear and unhindered (as opposed to the door) and the space located on the other side of the glass is actual (as opposed to the mirror), the spectator is always separated physically from whatever is on the other side of the glass, just like in the case of a door or mirror. The view on the other side is inaccessible for the viewer, which has a distancing effect; In that way, the window is much like a screen.

The window could also be connected with possibilities, reveries, or being a window to the future or the past.

Peacock butterfly (Inachis io)

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This butterfly can turn up almost anywhere. Peacock butterflies can be found in woods, fields, meadows, pastures, parks, and gardens, lowlands and mountains. When hibernating, they can be encountered in outbuildings, such as a garage, shed or barn, where they’re often found in groups. Other hibernation sites include hollow trees and wood piles.

The adults spend most of the morning nectaring. The adult butterflies drink nectar from a wide variety of flowering plants, including buddleia, willows, dandelions, wild marjoram, danewort, hemp agrimony, and clover; they also utilize tree sap and rotten fruit.

The name is derived from Greek mythology, meaning Io, daughter of Inachus.

Last night I had a dream where I had been transported back to my old room, in the house where I grew up. I was watching a magnificent butterfly outside my window. It was a Peacock butterfly. I’ve not seen any butterfly equalling the size of this one: Each of its wings was as big as the the palm of my hand. It had settled on a flower, near the glass of the window – even though my room was on the 2nd floor. Sometimes it was flapping it wings slowly, which made the wings seem heavy; sometimes it lifted from the flower and fluttered about in the air as if to fly away.

“Had She Ever Made Promises To A Faithless Reflection In The Mirror?”

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