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The Marbled White

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The Orange Tip

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Crystal / Cloud

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Black-veined White (Aporia crataegi)

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These butterflies are often found fighting each other, fighting for space on nectar plants (fights, that appear to be quite violent). Habitats of the Aporia crataegi are orchards, lanes, gardens, meadows… Sometimes they gather together in hundreds; their white colour and large wings, as they’re flying together in group form the impression of living clouds, although it has to mentioned that they are quite poor flyers. They’re easily recognisable by their distinctive black veins and white wings. The female of the species however, by rubbing her wings together, loses many of her scales, which makes her wings become transparent. The purpose of this behaviour is unknown.

Black-veined White

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Black-veined White (Aporia crataegi)

Untitled White Object Project

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A single white object with multiple folds/planes/bends isolated against a black background (a faint white shimmer can be detected).

Shapes, structure, texture, folding/unfolding, space, landscape/mindscape, psyche

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