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Honey and Caramel

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Underwater Green-Brown-and-Blue (Seaweed)

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The process of immersion is in part a sense of death – the body immersed in water; dissolved, a return to the pre-formal; the fluid body. In part, immersion is birth – water as regenerating: life-giving, purifying.

The body is immersed in water; as it resurfaces the new self appears while the old self has disappeared into the deep.


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Water is a mediator between life and death because it is a source of both regeneration and annihilation (see also: Transformation). Not only is water rejuvenating, life is also created in water. The place from which all life comes; the primeval ocean, a concept that also is associated with the unconscious.

Furthermore, water is a communicator between the surface and the abyss/depths. The surface itself functions a divider between above and below, between the upper world (life, light) and the lower world (death, darkness).

Another division between above and below, is the distinction between the “upper waters” and “lower waters”, where the former stands for potentiality, possibilities – that which might be, and the latter represents the actual or that which already have been created.

Water also symbolizes the concept of “liquid matter” in general.

Other keywords: transparency/depth, the fluid body, the dragon’s abode

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