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The Circle, or Disk, has come to stand for perfection and unity; oneness. It is also a symbol for infinity/eternity or heaven and the celestial. And because of its likeness to the sun and the moon, also representative of these celestial bodies.

The Circle is of course also connected to the circumference and circumferential movement. The cyclic movement can be represented by the Wheel. Both the Disk and the Wheel are circular; however, the disk is immobile while the wheel rotates (although within the structure of the wheel there is a duality, since the center is still and the perimeter moving). The circumference  suggests a limit, an enclosing, a border, but at the same time the circular movement is a representation of time, an eternal cyclic movement. Time, and the continuity of life, can be symbolized by the Ouroboros, the serpent/snake/dragon who is biting its own tail, forming an “O” with its body. (See also: Snakes, Serpents)

The Wheel is a symbolic synthesis of the activity of cosmic forces and the passage of time, which is rooted in solar or zodiacal symbolism. The rim of the Wheel are often divided into sectors illustrating phases in the passing of time. However, to move instead in the direction from the outside of the wheel towards the central point (instead of moving circumferential) is to travel towards the mystic “Centre“, which is non-spatial and timeless.  It could also mean going through a transmutation, an ascending metamorphosis.


The Sun

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tried to take a picture of the sun, from a moving train, through a dirty window. (The attempts were unsuccessful). The solar disc looked a pale moon; a circular cut-out in the clouds, of the same silvery translucent colour as a seed-pod from the Lunaria rediviva (the Moon violet, or Silver leaf).



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Mercury is the son of heaven and light. He is the messenger of heaven, the mediator between gods and humans; it’s his task to conduct the souls of the dead to the Underworld. The alchemists equated Mercury with concepts of fluency and transmutation. The alchemists considered the archetypal structure of the planet Mercury a double nature: closely related to both characteristics of the Moon (silver) and the Sun (gold), Mercury is both chtonian and celestial at the same time. The metal mercury often represents the unconscious because of its fluid and dynamic character. Its unlimited capacity for transformation can be regarded as symbolic for the aim of the alchemist, which is to transmute matter (or spirit) from inferior to superior. Molten metal is an alchemic symbol for the conjunction of Fire and Water, coniunctio oppositorium, which is related to Mercury and Plato’s primordial androgynous being.

Other keywords: Gemini myth, hermaphrodite

Amethysts II

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Occurrences of Sky Phenomena

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I’m looking out through the window of the car. I can see a comet in the sky, faintly. It’s getting brighter and brighter, and I say to the others that “the comet is on fire”.


My grandmother is on her deathbed. I have to get to her house before she dies. I run with a friend to my family’s house, but it’s the middle of the night and everyone in my family is fast asleep. A crescent moon is visible against the black sky. While I am looking at it, the ‘C’ Moon is reversed, from left to right. My friend takes the car parked outside my house, and we drive back.


I’m watching the sky at night. I can see three celestial bodies next to each other in a line. The moon is on the right, Saturn in the middle. I can clearly see the surface of the third planet, the one on the left; it is blue and white, with land continents and oceans. I look away and I look at it again. The planet on the left must be Earth, but I don’t understand how that is possible. I reckon that, somehow, Earth is reflected onto the sky. The image in the sky is suddenly a lot bigger, as if closer now. When I turn, I see the Earth globe turn too, spinning around in the sky, as if connected to my movements.


I’m outside of the school. I see a cluster of stars on the sky. They’re burning brighter and brighter, and they start to spin ’round until they appear to have blended together into a white spot shining with a bright light. This phenomenon repeats itself over and over again, as I lie in the grass watching it. I look towards my house, and on the balcony there are other people watching the sky too.

I reach out. He pulls his arm away from me. My spirit sinks, disheartened. He is even more beautiful to me now, in this dream, than he is in real life. I look towards the sun. It looks like fractals.

The Moon

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Matter is equivalent to the Moon and Form is equivalent to the Sun, this according to Evola.

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