Fire & Smoke

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A bonfire on Walpurgis Night


A Cloud of Fire and Smoke (Viewed from my Window)

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23:36, Oct 12th


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Clouds, because of their tendency to change appearance – always being in a state of metamorphosis – are symbolic of indeterminate things. They are an intermediate between formal and non formal, because of their elusive state of being. Another symbolic function of clouds is the obscuring of processes (like the mask that hides the process of transformation/metamorphosis, see: Chrysalis).

They represent the combination of two elements; the fusion of Air and Water. Since water and heat (fire) combined, produce steam (clouds), the “Mist of Fire” is representative of all the non-solid elements: air, fire, water.

Clouds are sometimes described as the Upper Waters.

Other keywords: prophecies, messengers, fecundity

Black Fire

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Spades, Swords

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Spades (♠)

In the deck of cards, the word “spade” is derived from the italian word spada (which means “sword”) from the Italo-Spanish suit.

Spades are often the trump suit in card games, the dominance order being spade (highest) > heart > diamond > club (lowest). The Ace of spades then, is the card of highest value in the deck of cards.

The primary symbolic meaning of the sword is of a wound and the power to wound. As a sword of sacrifice (sacrifice in the cosmic sense, where spiritual energy is acquired through the sacrifice of oneself, through the inversion of terrestrial and celestial orders) it is seen as a symbol of physical extermination and psychic decision, therefore also a symbol of spiritual evolution. The sword is a powerful weapon, but has the potential of being both positive and negative since it is double-edged.

Sometimes the sword is connected to the element of Air (thought, spirit, intellect, inspiration), other times with the element of Fire.

Other keywords: truth, clarity, adversities, conflict

Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus)

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This species is most active in sunshine and use a range of grassland habitats as their territories: meadows, coastal dunes, woodland clearings, gardens… anywhere where their food plants are found. They are frequent visitors to flowers. In dull weather, they roost head down on a grass stem. At night, they roost communally. The male is of intensive blue colour. The male is active, setting up and defending territories from rivals; the female is secretive, reclusive, spending her time nectaring and resting. Her wings are of brown colour, with fire-orange spots near the edges.

The latin name for this butterfly is Icarus. And if the blue-coloured male is an image of an Icarus soaring in the sky with his shiny and new wings, the female Polyommatus icarus is an image of Icarus after flying too close to the sun; and now, the formerly beautifully sky-blue wings are scorched and sooty – only a little blue in the middle is left – while the outer edges of the wings have been set aflame by the sun’s fire.


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