The Marbled White

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Black Fire

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Occurrences of Black Animals

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In an old dream, my mother scolded me for letting a stray dog into our house. When I had opened the door the wind from outside had made the door swing wide open; curtains were waving around getting caught in things. I went into the dining room to close the door. I find my older uncle standing in the middle of the empty room, with a large black bird perched on his shoulder. The bird has an unusual name, sounding something like ‘Zephyr’, or ‘Emir’.

Some months earlier, I had had a dream about a strange black bird in a box.

701315-1 & 70330-3

Behind Them the Wood Was Full of Black Bitches, Ravenous and Running Like Greyhounds

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“We were still attentive to the trunk, believing that it might wish to say more to us, when we were surprised by an uproar, as one who perceives the wild boar and the chase coming toward his stand and hears the Feasts and the branches crashing. And behold two on the left hand, naked and scratched, flying so violently that they broke all the limbs of the wood. The one in front was shouting, “Now, help, help, Death!” and the other, who seemed to himself too slow, “Lano, thy legs were not so nimble at the jousts of the Toppo:” and when perhaps his breath was failing, of himself and of a bush he made a group. Behind them the wood was full of black bitches, ravenous and running like greyhounds that have been unleashed. On him that had squatted they set their teeth and tore him to pieces, bit by bit, then carried off his woeful limbs.”

Canto XIII, Inferno

Black Light

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Untitled White Object Project

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A single white object with multiple folds/planes/bends isolated against a black background (a faint white shimmer can be detected).

Shapes, structure, texture, folding/unfolding, space, landscape/mindscape, psyche

Black painting

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This is a painting I started but didn’t finish.
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