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My grandfather’s grandfather was a man of the forest, as was his family and their families before them. He would leave home at 2 a.m. in the morning to hunt wood grouse; one time he caught 13 wood grouses all in one morning.

The papers wrote about him, calling him one of the last sorcerers of the forest; he was surrounded by mysterious and inexplicable events. He himself claimed that the explanation for these things happening was his strong will.

His great grandfather, Ärå, was so famous for his strength that he was ordered to come visit the king to prove his might.


Of Foxes in the Fields and Foxes in the Snow

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Recently, I spotted a fox in the wild. It was moving forward; creeping (creeping – but quickly), with its body pressed close to the ground, near a ditch next to a field. It was moving in a way that informed me that it had caught sight of a prey it now was stalking. A couple of days later, I spotted another fox near a glade next to the road. I have never seen foxes in the wild before. But I have dreamt about them.

Further up the hill, a fox was playing in the snow. The fox, strong and sturdy, was jumping up in the air and diving down; as if he was attacking a prey, or toying with something. I tried to move closer, wanting to see the fox up close, but the fox just moved further away from me. I could now see that he was playing with a dead magpie; its feathers were all torn, and sticky and wet from melted snow and its own blood.

Occurrences of Black Animals

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In an old dream, my mother scolded me for letting a stray dog into our house. When I had opened the door the wind from outside had made the door swing wide open; curtains were waving around getting caught in things. I went into the dining room to close the door. I find my older uncle standing in the middle of the empty room, with a large black bird perched on his shoulder. The bird has an unusual name, sounding something like ‘Zephyr’, or ‘Emir’.

Some months earlier, I had had a dream about a strange black bird in a box.

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They Fill the Air at Night

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Daws in the Dark

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