Das Spiel mit Menschen

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Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler – Ein Bild der Zeit (Fritz Lang, 1922)


It’s in the trees

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Below is a beautiful poem by namelessneed, whose blog I follow. If you’re at all into poetry I think you should make a visit there.

With this poem, it’s perhaps needless to say that I fell in love with the Tree imagery… (along with the poetic, dreamy-yet-melancholic atmosphere the poem evokes)

“It’s in the trees!”

I’m fond  of her stance.

She perfectly prefers  the branches

                                                of  trees

To the many reaching arms ,

Company she could keep.

She’s astonished of dishonest pleasantries.

Some/many   dreams she would sleep;

Along with all the  strong, capital B  Beauty,

Among  all  the windsongs  her highest  treetops played,

She waited on a favorite.

It felt like when she prayed.


Michel Gondry

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– Do you run around with a notebook to jot down ideas?

– I have notebooks but they are terribly messy. I always start saying, “this notebook will be the only one for this project” and within five minutes I am working on another project and they end up very hard to read. I think what I write down goes into my brain better but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to read it again.

(Interview with Michel Gondry)

I always feel bad about my own sketchbooks/notebooks when I see how other people use their sketchbooks (full of beautiful drawings, neat hand-writing, etc). Mine are messy, disorganized, full of scribbles, bad ideas mixed with good ideas, and I’ll only use a fraction of what I write/draw in them. I thought this quote from Gondry was quite amusing, because I work the same way! I start out with the intention to dedicate one notebook to one project, and one project only, but it *never* works. Or I think: “this time I’ll really put effort into making the sketches look nice and keeping the writing organized”. I guess my brain just doesn’t work like that.

The quote is from Juxtapoz Magazine (January 2011).

Le Cercle Rouge: Forest Road

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Double cross / Role reversal (Le Cercle Rouge, Jean Pierre Melville 1970)

Il n’y a pas d’innocents. Les hommes sont coupables. Ils viennent au monde innocents mais ça ne dure pas.

Behind Them the Wood Was Full of Black Bitches, Ravenous and Running Like Greyhounds

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“We were still attentive to the trunk, believing that it might wish to say more to us, when we were surprised by an uproar, as one who perceives the wild boar and the chase coming toward his stand and hears the Feasts and the branches crashing. And behold two on the left hand, naked and scratched, flying so violently that they broke all the limbs of the wood. The one in front was shouting, “Now, help, help, Death!” and the other, who seemed to himself too slow, “Lano, thy legs were not so nimble at the jousts of the Toppo:” and when perhaps his breath was failing, of himself and of a bush he made a group. Behind them the wood was full of black bitches, ravenous and running like greyhounds that have been unleashed. On him that had squatted they set their teeth and tore him to pieces, bit by bit, then carried off his woeful limbs.”

Canto XIII, Inferno

Famous Trees

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Pliny tells of a grove in Tusculum; formed of beeches and consecrated to the goddess Diana. This grove contained an outstanding tree that excited the affection of the the distinguished orator Passenius Crispus, famous for marrying Agrippina and becoming Nero’s step-father. Crispus was so passionately attached to this beech tree that not only would he lie down beneath it, but he would also kiss and embrace it, as well as pour wine over it so that its roots would be moistened with wine.

Another tree near this grove, a holm-oak, were just as famous – for its trunk were no less than 34 feet in circumference, and sending out what looked like ten other trees of remarkable size, forming a wood of itself. No other holm-oak has ever been known to attain this size.

Why dost thou rend me? […] Why dost thou tear me?

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