Occurrences of Sky Phenomena (2)

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I’m in a house that I’ve been in before (in another dream). It’s a white wooden house with two floors. There are many windows on each floor. It’s a light airy house, as if it’s always summer here. On the second floor there is a balcony (or two). I’m looking out through a window of the back of the house and on the evening sky, which is a bluish turquoise, there’s a gigantic moon. It is the biggest moon I’ve ever seen; a large disk in the sky that easily could fit five or six suns; the disk is magenta-coloured, hovering low over the horizon, partly visible through the window. I feel exhilarated, uplifted, I run to find my camera, and to go outside, where I can get a clear shot. I seem to forget the moon, and my camera, as soon as other things come in the way.



November 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

Tonight I had a new dream in which more foxes appeared. These foxes weren’t red, their fur was darker. Their backs were dark brown, almost black. I watched two of them, as they swam from the mainland to a small isle. When they reached the rocky isle, they quickly disappeared into small cave-like openings between the rocks and cliffs. I had made a drawing depicting this event, and the drawing itself was very life-like! But then I noticed that I had drawn the foxes as they already had partly disappeared into the rocks; one could only see their long tails and their hind legs. I made new drawings, to show also the faces of the foxes and their front paws, but the faces looked like cartoons and the paws would only look bulbous and deformed.

In a dream I had two years ago: There’s an elderly man living on an island. He keeps two dogs; two large black hounds, probably Doberman Pinschers. There is a story about this old man, that he used to collect women, and then lock them up in a room where the dogs would tear their bodies into pieces. I’m on this island, along with another girl: Heidi. We are in a house located right in the middle of the island (it’s not the old man’s house – he lives on the coast). It’s a large old villa, with high roof, and a wood staircase in the middle of the house leading up to the second floor. There are windows in the ceiling. I have keys leading to the rooms of this house. Heidi is hurt, she is limping but she is pretending like there’s nothing wrong with her. Somehow this alarms me. I’m panicking. I can hear the dogs downstairs, letting themselves in, rummaging and rumbling; looking for us. I frantically try to find the right key so I can unlock one room and then lock ourselves into another room, so that the dogs can’t reach us. When Heidi talks of the dogs, she doesn’t use the word ‘dogs’, she refers to them as ‘library foxes’. It is understood that library foxes is a particularly wicked kind of animal.

Of Foxes in the Fields and Foxes in the Snow

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Recently, I spotted a fox in the wild. It was moving forward; creeping (creeping – but quickly), with its body pressed close to the ground, near a ditch next to a field. It was moving in a way that informed me that it had caught sight of a prey it now was stalking. A couple of days later, I spotted another fox near a glade next to the road. I have never seen foxes in the wild before. But I have dreamt about them.

Further up the hill, a fox was playing in the snow. The fox, strong and sturdy, was jumping up in the air and diving down; as if he was attacking a prey, or toying with something. I tried to move closer, wanting to see the fox up close, but the fox just moved further away from me. I could now see that he was playing with a dead magpie; its feathers were all torn, and sticky and wet from melted snow and its own blood.

Occurrences of Black Animals

November 7, 2010 § 2 Comments


In an old dream, my mother scolded me for letting a stray dog into our house. When I had opened the door the wind from outside had made the door swing wide open; curtains were waving around getting caught in things. I went into the dining room to close the door. I find my older uncle standing in the middle of the empty room, with a large black bird perched on his shoulder. The bird has an unusual name, sounding something like ‘Zephyr’, or ‘Emir’.

Some months earlier, I had had a dream about a strange black bird in a box.

701315-1 & 70330-3

Occurrences of the Colour Blue

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A new wristwatch.

Someone is redecorating my home, and has put up blue wallpapers everywhere.

I’m climbing a blue ladder. A little boy in blue clothes.

A blue paper hanging on a glass door. A drawing on the paper shows a bag that I have lost. A telephone number is written on the glass.

Blue Tarot cards.

An amulet with blue glowing stones, in a pattern that looks like a scorpion.

Occurrences of Sky Phenomena

October 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’m looking out through the window of the car. I can see a comet in the sky, faintly. It’s getting brighter and brighter, and I say to the others that “the comet is on fire”.


My grandmother is on her deathbed. I have to get to her house before she dies. I run with a friend to my family’s house, but it’s the middle of the night and everyone in my family is fast asleep. A crescent moon is visible against the black sky. While I am looking at it, the ‘C’ Moon is reversed, from left to right. My friend takes the car parked outside my house, and we drive back.


I’m watching the sky at night. I can see three celestial bodies next to each other in a line. The moon is on the right, Saturn in the middle. I can clearly see the surface of the third planet, the one on the left; it is blue and white, with land continents and oceans. I look away and I look at it again. The planet on the left must be Earth, but I don’t understand how that is possible. I reckon that, somehow, Earth is reflected onto the sky. The image in the sky is suddenly a lot bigger, as if closer now. When I turn, I see the Earth globe turn too, spinning around in the sky, as if connected to my movements.


I’m outside of the school. I see a cluster of stars on the sky. They’re burning brighter and brighter, and they start to spin ’round until they appear to have blended together into a white spot shining with a bright light. This phenomenon repeats itself over and over again, as I lie in the grass watching it. I look towards my house, and on the balcony there are other people watching the sky too.

I reach out. He pulls his arm away from me. My spirit sinks, disheartened. He is even more beautiful to me now, in this dream, than he is in real life. I look towards the sun. It looks like fractals.

Dream About Ruth, 10th-11th October 1997

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I’m with some friends from my class in school. We are on our way to visit someone and we’re walking up a very steep hill. The person we are visiting used to be our classmate too. Her name is Ruth. Now Ruth lives in this cabin, at the top of the hill, and apparently she lives there by herself. Her house has been decorated with hand-made butterflies. My friend “T” asks me where my butterflies are. I used to have butterflies just like the ones Ruth have. I tell her that I threw them away. I’m thinking to myself that I should have kept them, because Ruth’s house is really beautiful. My classmates are going to watch a videotape that they borrowed from Ruth, but I’ve already seen the film.
That same night I dream about fishes swimming in a fish tank.

(Dream no. 7 & 8, 10-11 oct 1997)

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