Parts of the Forest

June 20, 2012 § 2 Comments

I have been working on new drawings for an exhibition.



Watercolour Papers. Arches & Lana

February 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

Watercolour papers

I have acquired two types of watercolour papers which I intend to try out.

Arches: Aquarelle Arches 640 g/m²
Lana: Lanaquarelle 640 g/m²

Nifty Pocket Page Bookmark for my Moleskine Diary

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This is a follow up to the post More on Project Planning (Creating Structure to this Year, part 2) and offers an improvement to the system for keeping track of long term projects day-to-day.

Moleskine Cahier Journal back pocket

My first step was to cut off the back pocket from the cover of one of my notebooks that had been used up.

Detached pocket with to-do lists

The detached pocket can be placed inside the planner, much like a bookmark, and can be used for several purposes:
• I place to-do post its there, where I write down important highlights, from ongoing long term projects, so that they are constantly visible and keeping me on track with the “plan”.
• I keep notes, index cards, clippings, to-do lists for later, etc, inside the pocket.
• The pocket can be moved from page to page, so I can to move all notes and post-its in one move. (A problem I had before with post-its was that I very often left behind post-its when I turned page, and after a while ended up with a heap of post-its with unprocessed ideas and unattended tasks.


Since I used another Moleskine journal for the moveable pocket page, it fits right into the planner. It also functions as a bookmark.

More on Project Planning (Creating Structure to this Year, part 2)

January 16, 2012 § 3 Comments

This is a follow up to the Creating Some Structure to this Year… post.

Project planning: At the start of the planner i keep track of my projects with a Project Overview (see above). I am recording the progress as the projects go along so I can actually see how much attention I give to a certain project. So that I can shift focus if I see that a long term project is suffering because I am only giving attention to short term projects. A problem that might arise, for me, is that I might not look at the Project Overview as often as I need to (in order to be reminded often enough of where my focus should be), because it’s placed at the start of the book which means that I wont see it when I’m looking at the day-to-day pages to do the tasks I’ve written for each day. I seem to need constant visual reminders… So I used one of my memo post-its and made a Project Checklist (pictured in the photo below), and used the same colours  for each project on the Project Checklist as I use in the Project Overview. That way, I am reminded that I have multiple projects going on and that I should prioritize. And because it’s a post-it note, I can just move it over to the next page when I turn pages as the days go by.

Yesterday I found some advice/resarch on how to achieve your goals on this blog. Worth a read.

I’m Building Things

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Trapezoids, Triangles, Rectangles, Octagons and Hexagons

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