Creating Some Structure to this Year…

January 14, 2012 § 3 Comments

Making some changes to my Moleskine Pac-Man daily diary/planner.

I am creating structure to my days by dividing each day into time blocks. Alongside a to-do list for tasks that could be done any time of the day:

At the start of the planner there are monthly overviews. I am using them for keeping an overview on how art projects are progressing. Deadlines, time left, parallel projects, assignments… I am also making notes of when I get some work done on a particular project.

Below is my Moleskine monthly planner. While I use the the overviews in the daily diary (see above) to keep track of projects and progress, I use these overviews to keep track of all “events” that can be tied to a certain day, like deadlines, appointments, meetings, and other important dates.


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§ 3 Responses to Creating Some Structure to this Year…

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  • d says:

    I had a planner like this. Eventually I had to give in to the smartphone. I really need the alarms to keep from getting side tracked- easily done with little ones running around. :)

    • M says:

      When it comes to smartphones or calendars on the computer, I tend to “snooze” or “dismiss” alarms if they are reminders for tasks that aren’t urgent or that can be rescheduled… And then I “snooze” again, and again until the point where I get annoyed with having to click the “dismiss” or “snooze” button so many times :) But I think they’re great for alarms for things that can’t be rescheduled, like important meetings or other appointments and events.

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