Two Watercolor Papers: Arches & Cartiera Magnani

December 4, 2011 § 4 Comments

So far, I’ve used Daler-Rowney 220g paper for ink washes and painting with watercolours, because I like the smooth surface of that particular paper.

However, I don’t like when the water makes the paper warp and bulge, so I am going to try out thicker/heavier papers.

The paper on the left is Cartiera Magnani Portofino 550g satin grain, and the one on the right Arches 300g fine grain.


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§ 4 Responses to Two Watercolor Papers: Arches & Cartiera Magnani

  • Rivenrod says:

    Doubtless this is teaching grandmother to suck eggs, but have you tried stretching the paper prior to painting?


    • M says:

      I’ve done that in the past, but then someone told me that the watercolor papers that are sold in pads already are pre-stretched (??). So that’s why I settle for simply fastening the papers to the drawing board with glued paper strips (without wetting the paper). Could also be that I’m a bit lazy and looking for an excuse to not go through the process of wetting, drying, stretching etc ;)

      Could be that the type of paper I’ve used isn’t that suitable for washes or wetting (although it says on the pad that it’s suitable for painting), because the surface doesn’t seem to take too well to too many layers of painting, or for instance using a sponge to remove paint, the surface get ‘roughed up’.

      Either way, even with these heavier papers – it’s probably best to stretch the papers… no?

  • d says:

    So after trying these what do you think? I am looking to purchase a handmade journal which is made with Cartiere Magnani paper and wasn’t sure how it would hold up. What are your thoughts?

    • M says:

      I haven’t tried the Cartiera Magnani yet actually..! (So far I’ve tried Lanaquarelle 640 g and Arches 640 g). These papers are really heavy though (500g!), how heavy are the papers in the journal?

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