Spades, Swords

March 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

Spades (♠)

In the deck of cards, the word “spade” is derived from the italian word spada (which means “sword”) from the Italo-Spanish suit.

Spades are often the trump suit in card games, the dominance order being spade (highest) > heart > diamond > club (lowest). The Ace of spades then, is the card of highest value in the deck of cards.

The primary symbolic meaning of the sword is of a wound and the power to wound. As a sword of sacrifice (sacrifice in the cosmic sense, where spiritual energy is acquired through the sacrifice of oneself, through the inversion of terrestrial and celestial orders) it is seen as a symbol of physical extermination and psychic decision, therefore also a symbol of spiritual evolution. The sword is a powerful weapon, but has the potential of being both positive and negative since it is double-edged.

Sometimes the sword is connected to the element of Air (thought, spirit, intellect, inspiration), other times with the element of Fire.

Other keywords: truth, clarity, adversities, conflict


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§ 3 Responses to Spades, Swords

  • namelessneed says:

    You forgot to mention
    there’s a late night movie flickering, and in it the fortune teller slowly turns over the last card
    & visably leans back some and tries to suppress a gasp, wide-eyed.
    the camera goes down to the table where an ace of spades
    is glaring up, spooky music in the background, now a shot to the poor sap with the now, very lousy fortune
    He’s visably shaken, white faced

    • M says:

      ^ I like this comment.

      The scenario is familiar… unsettling – to me – now that I found the card on the street, looking up at me. Even though I really want to believe that the Ace is for good luck, fortune and opportunities.

  • […] the alchemists, the purifying fire is symbolized by the sword. It can be noted that the shape of the sword resembles the shape of an upwards directed flame. The […]

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