Inversion, Intersection, Conjunction

December 29, 2010 § 1 Comment

X: Two lines intersecting, or intersection of two paths or two objects, is a symbol of inversion (but it is also a sign for conjunction). Where the two lines meet is the point or zone where a transcendental change takes place. At the focal point, which is where inversion takes place, opposites are for an instant fused and then inverted. The intersecting lines could also signify a change of direction, where the X is used for altering the course of a process so that it doesn’t reach its intended outcome. The mind is always promoting metamorphoses and inversions through the process of sublimination.

Symbols of inversion are: the double spiral, St Andrew’s cross, the letter X , everything X-shaped, the act of crossing the fingers, objects depicted upside down. The numerical expression of inversion is two and eleven.

The logic of inversion is related to the myth of sacrifice. The more terrible the situation, the more urgent the need to transform and invert it, and the greater the sacrifice must be.


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